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Indian Medical Association Udupi Karavali (IMA UK)


IMA was born during 1928 with the spirit of Doctors of Indian Origin with following common objects in their mind:

  • Promote Health service and medical education in our country
  • Abolish compartmentalism amongst ourselves
  • To foster co-operation and comradeship among medical brothern
  • To uphold the honour and dignity of the profession.

In the beginning of this millenium we are almost 1.75 lac members and 1750 branches spread across the country:

It is one of the unique associations which has in it's folds various medical professionals from Gen.Practiotioner to Super specialist of Modern Medicine, which depicts UNITY in DIVERSITY.


IMA BHAVAN of Udupi Karavali Branch

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IMA (Indian Medical Association) Udupi Karavali Branch